hat’s in a name? Various answers can be derived

            based on the fact that even people who
share the same name are ultimately unique. Some similarities may exist from sharing the same name,
but there are distinct difference that cannot be denied.
When you hear this particular name, it may cause your body posture and mental attitude to
change. This five-foot three powerhouse enters a room and immediately shifts the atmosphere! Make
no mistake: this kindhearted, sensitive, and humble woman has the multi-tasking ability to chase, tackle,
and transform dreams into reality. Through focused determination, hard work, and dedication, this
visionary asserts her creativity in an organized,

budget conscious manner. Her thoughtfulness and
supportiveness encourage others to seek personal

growth. Education and real-world experiences

have developed great leadership and problem--

solving skills in her.
On the personal side of things, she is a loving wife,

and involved mother of three. She balances
both sides of the coin with discipline and integrity.

None of what she does or who she is would be
possible or achieved without her faith in God. When you believe the Greater One lives inside you, only
greatness can emanate from you.
Introducing the mold breaking, game changing,

innovator: Jamie Gabriel!

By Arizonia Peterson



Jamie Gabriel




In episode 1 of TJGS, guests share their personal challenges and struggles in overcoming Body Shaming.