Actress & Photographer

Marla Ann Garland is a 44 year old single mother of two talented daughters. She is an Actress, Photographer/ owner of Marla’s Visions Photography and certified Reiki Practioner.  Marla’s intense and sometimes unusual life long experiences has made her more empathetic and relatable to other peoples struggles of various things. The experience of a wide vast of emotions helps her portray that in various acting roles. Seeing deeper beyond the surface of peoples true emotions and natures beauty helps her to photograph and bring those things out in her photography. Her wanting to help others work through their own pain and struggles is felt through the Reiki she does.  Marla hopes to bring awareness to people about multiple subjects and let them know they are not alone, that in their struggles they too can be not just a survivor but a warrior of your own life! 


International Photographer,

Speaker, Radio Host


Known for her distinct style of world-class images of celebrities, heads of state, pop icons, and historic events, photojournalist Monica Morgan is more
than “a photographer.” She sees what others don’t; she captures what others can’t. Whether she’s freezing history or making it, Monica Morgan lives
life through the lens. Her lens.
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Morgan earned her communications degree from Wayne State University, where she had a full academic scholarship. During her college years she interned with both WDIV (major Detroit television station) and WQBH (Detroit gospel radio station). After college she landed a job as a public relations coordinator in the Adult Education Department for Detroit Public Schools.
Later, she held a position as The Promotional Tools Coordinator at Domino’s Pizza Corporate, where she
promoted The Classic Car Collection, The Pizza Ponies and baseball legend, Al Kaline.



Relationship Expert, Radio, TV Host, Speaker

Dr. Sabrina Jackson, a native Detroiter and Cass Technical High School graduate, has taken
the world by storm! She completed her Master’s Degree at the tender age of 23 from Wayne
State University. She is known as “The People Expert” as she travels the world helping people
with people, even if that person is themselves! This inspiring force of nature is continuously
busy training corporate executives, single mothers, and gospel artists. Immensely evident with
each group that she speaks to, is her passion for people. Her analytical mind led her to create
personality assessment models Essential Colors and Essential Love Styles. A single mom,
herself, Sabrina has written several books, with one for moms entitled He is Not a Statistic,
about raising her son Marcel. She has been privileged to speak for McDonald’s, Tom Joyner
Cruise, and the Detroit City Council. She can be seen regularly on Fox 2’s Let it Rip; writing
columns in Impact Detroit Magazine and Curvy Magazine and heard nightly on 910 am radio as
she host “Sizzling Talk with Dr. Sabrina”.